Join me and @AustinWaltersUK for all-day #Scopeathon

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Periscope Prospecting PlanTo celebrate the launch of our new eBook on Amazon Kindle called “Periscope Prospecting Plan” (UK link / US link), myself and co-author Austin Walters will be doing a live #Scopeathon all day on Tuesday 1st September where we will be sharing tips about marketing your business on the new Periscope mobile video streaming app.

Periscope is the new app from Twitter that allows you to watch and broadcast live video while interacting with your viewers in real time through a unique text chat facility, and by them giving you “hearts” when they like your content.

Small business owners can build a loyal following easily and quickly on Periscope, have their followers share scopes with their friends, establish themselves as experts in their fields, and use the platform to generate both leads and sales.

Follow @winsoar and @AustinWaltersUK and look out for our #Scopeathon hashtag to get involved, and learn all about how you can use Periscope to grow your business.

We look forward to seeing you on the #Scopeathon.

Please note that Periscope works best via the Periscope mobile app which you can download from your app store. If you are watching on the web version you cannot participate in the chat, or give hearts, so please download the app and tune in live.


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