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Day 86 of my 90 day challenge, and I’m pretty happy with the results. I’ve now managed to reduce my belly measurement by a massive four and half inches! My body fat percentage is down, and my muscle percentage is up.

I’m now coming to the end of my 90 day challenge, and it has been a success. I’m now thinking of what to do on my next Challenge. I’m thinking of adding 10lbs of muscle next to get the “I Built It” T-Shirt. That would be awesome! Also I would still like to get my six pack more prominent for the beach body look. Very vain I know!

It’s been a great journey. I have never felt hungry for one moment, so I would say that Body by Vi is not a diet. The shakes are delicious, and the cookies are awesome! I love the fact that I can eat things I enjoy too, such as fish and chips which I have had several times on the Challenge. The healthy options recommended in the meal planner are excellent, such as the hummous and pitta bread nacho dips which I have had most days to be honest!

So join me on the next Challenge. Whether you want to lose fat, get fitter, or build muscle – get in touch. Do it now!

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