How to Record Periscope Video on Android with Hearts & Comments

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How to Record Periscope Videos with Hearts and Comments from Android Devices
How to Record Periscope Videos with Hearts and Comments from Android Devices

Here is a new easier way to record your Periscope videos from your Android mobile device with the hearts and comments intact, so that you can repurpose them into YouTube videos and other content.

If you use an iPhone the process is very simple, and I won’t go into that as it is documented well elsewhere on the net, but for Android users the process has been fraught with difficulty.

Software solutions often result in a lag between the audio and video resulting in an out-of-sync recording that is difficult to watch.

What I’ve come up with is a simple low-cost hardware solution, that as you can see from the demo video below, results in a high quality recording that looks exactly like the replay in the Periscope mobile app.

All you need is the following:

Total cost under GBP £37 or USD $55.

Simply plug the HDMI adaptor into your mobile phone (be sure to buy the correct one for your make and model of mobile device), then connect it to the HD Capture Box using the HDMI cable. Plug a USB memory stick into the HD Capture Box.

Hold down the record button on the HD Capture Box for 5 seconds and the light should turn blue, this puts it into 1080px mode. Repeat if the light goes green as that is 720px mode.

Press play on your replay in the Periscope app, then press the record button on the HD Capture Box. When your video replay finishes playing on your mobile device, press the record button again on the HD Capture Box to stop recording. The light will flash green/blue for a while while your file finishes saving onto the memory stick.

When the light turns solid blue again, you can switch off the HD Capture Box, remove the USB stick, and then put it into your laptop to upload the saved video file to YouTube.

Here is an example to show you what the result is like. (Please note my lighting wasn’t very good on this occasion).

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