Project 10 Challenge

Lose 10lb, or build 10lb of lean muscle and you can enter to win Project 10 with me!

Enter to win Project 10 and you will receive an exclusive “I Lost It”, or “I Built It” t-shirt.

Isn’t there something cool about a t-shirt that you cannot buy in any shop.

Wearing it is a great way to show off your weight loss or muscle building achievement.

The company behind the Project 10 Challenge also donate 30 meals to help needy kids every time someone enters to win.

You’ll also get ten chances of winning your share of $10,000 being given away in cash prizes every week in 2014.

My progress on the Project 10 Challenge. Individual results will vary.
My progress on the Project 10 Challenge. Individual results will vary.

Are you up for the Challenge?

Here are the three steps to get started:

  1. Set your goal
    Do you want to lose weight, or build muscle? Your goal can be losing 10lbs, losing several pounds, gaining 10lbs of lean muscle, or gaining more lean muscle.
  2. Select your kit
    Choose the Challenge Kit that best matches your goal. I am happy to help you to select the best kit for your goal.
  3. Enter to win
    Video yourself stepping on the scales so that you can show your starting weight – this is required to later be able to enter to win.

Let me help you get started!

You can contact me by email, phone, or facebook message.


Phone/Text/Whatsapp Messenger: +44 (0)7967 646039


I will be happy to help you to get started on the Challenge, supply you with meal plan and exercise guides, recipes, and help you to enter to win, and go 3 for Free if you wish.

To you being in the best shape of your life!!

James Winsoar
Independent ViSalus Promoter
ID Number 2945784.

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