Project 10 Challenge Update

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Here are my results to date on the Project 10 Challenge:

before and after photo

To begin with I lost 18lbs of fat, then I went on to build muscle. I’ve managed to increase my lean muscle mass by 38lbs now – which is beyond my wildest dreams.

I’m delighted with the results and will keep going!

If you’re interested in losing fat or building muscle, get in touch.

When you lose 10lbs of fat, or build 10lbs of lean muscle you can enter to win. You get a free t-shirt, 30 meals are donated to help needy kids, and you can win £600 or $1000 cash!

Every week five men and five women are selected to win.

For more details check out this quick video, and scroll down the same page to see more recent results.

If you’re ready to get started email or call me on +44 (0)7967 646039 now.


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