How To Podcast For Free And Brand Yourself As An Expert

Podcasts can be a great way to brand yourself as an expert in your field, and are the internet equivalent to hosting a radio show.

How To Podcast For Free Using Online Services

It’s entirely possible to become the host of your very own podcast at no cost whatsover – using publically-accessible websites, but there are some costs associated with making your show sound professional. This is important if you want to project a professional image to potential clients who might be listening.

A good podcast nearly always starts with an exciting introduction to the show with a distictive musical background (think about the theme tune to your favorite TV shows for example), this nearly always includes  an introduction to the main speaker or host of the podcast.

Many of the top podcasts have two presenters and guests, so if possible have someone else introduce you and the topics you are talking about. Telephone interview types of podcasts often do well because the conversation makes them more interesting. Guest speakers, especially experts add even more interest to a show – so have a think who you could ask on your podcast show.

I highly recommend that you have an intro professionally recorded for your podcast that plays at the beginning and end of each show. Prices can start from as little as $5 US dollars at a service such as Fiverr or

Next plan and record your podcast, then market it, including putting it on Apple iTunes, the world’s biggest directory of podcasts with millions of regular listeners worldwide.

An easy and effective website for hosting your podcast show so that people can access it is Blogger. have a great step by step tutorial. The RSS feed generated by Blogger can help your podcast to get featured on several podcast directories, helping more targeted potential customers to find your podcast.

Keyword research is important for all aspects of internet marketing, including how to get the maximum audience reach for your podcast. Listeners may find your podcast in a variety of ways, including online searches and via mobile apps such as Google Listen – a recent development from Google Labs whose app competes with market leading iTune app from Apple.

With the right audience and the right message you can become the expert in your field locally, nationally or internationally.

Your podcast doesn’t need to be 100% professional. Have fun with it. Be yourself. Start your podcast now and with experience you can always perfect it later.

Start your podcast now

For more tips on developing a great podcast to market your business via the internet please contact my company JW Enterprises who can help you with planning, recording, distribution, listing with Apple iTunes, RSS feed creation and distribution, and keyword research to ensure that your podcast is a resounding success!

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