Pinterest is the fastest growing new social network that works like a massive online pin board.

The site is currently “by invitation only” which is working as a very effective marketing technique. Google Plus also launched in the same way.

Already Pinterest has broken through the 10 top social networks barrier. It is the world’s fastest growing social network in March 2012.

It appears to have some great functions that allow you to share images. It’s great for viral marketing.

You can mention people using the @ sign followed by their name, similar to on other social networks.

Interestingly you can also mark that items are for sale and link to the purchase page. This can be very useful for internet marketers.

How to get an invitation to join:

You can request an invitation to join Pinterest at

Also you can buy invitations from the website

What if you don’t want people to pin images from your site?

If you don’t want people to pin images from your page just add this code to the head section of your pages:

<meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin” />
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