Online Marketing Strategies of Top MLM Earners

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I’m James Winsoar, I’ve been marketing online since 1999. In these videos I’m giving tips to network marketers on how to generate leads and grow your business online using social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In this video I explain what you should avoid doing (for example spamming your link), and methods that work better. The key is to treat people as you would like to be treated. Get to know people, find out what they need, and then fill that need.

A great way to start off a relationship with a new contact online is to provide value to them, by sending them a link to a free training for example. If they say they are struggling to create leads, send them a useful training on lead generation.

You are in full control over the perception that people have of you online, because you control what you share. By sharing positive quotes, inspirational images, and useful content you can come across as the type of person someone would like to join.

80% of your posts should be useful content, and 20% or less promotional.

You might not get rich overnight using social media marketing, but it can provide long term results by being consistent with daily content, and making new connections.

For more tips check out this free training – be a 6-figure earner in your business within months!


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