NEON Energy Drink – UK Price

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Have you heard about NEON Energy Drink yet?

People who have tried it are saying that it is the best tasting energy drink on the market, and for good reason:

energy drink that glowsNEON energy drink contains healthy natural ingredients, and a unique bark extract (quinine – the same as in tonic water), that means that it glows in the dark under UV light naturally – so is perfect for parties!

Health concious people prefer NEON over other brands. It is perfect as a pre-workout drink, or any time you need an energy boost!

NEON is free of taurine, does not contain guarana, and doesn’t contain added sugar in the form of sucrose. Instead, it contains 24% natural fruit juice, is sweetened with natural fructose, and contains 100mg caffeine from green tea extract.

NEON energy drink also contains all of your B vitamins in one serving, plus antioxidants, and is just 100 calories per can!

The healthiest energy drink in the United States and Canada is now available in the UK and Europe too!

Prices range from £1.69 to £2.20 per can, depending on quantity ordered. Order two or more cases of 24 cans for the best pricing. Club together and with friends and order ten cases for the lowest price per can, and earn VIP points towards free NEON on your next order!

Click here to buy NEON energy drink online (all countries)

Any questions? Call James on +447967646039 or email

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