NEON Energy Drink Price Information

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The price of NEON Energy Drink compares well with competitors products, however it is a premium “top shelf” energy drink that offers customers a healthier energy drink without added sucrose, and is taurine-free meaning that it can more safely be used as a mixer with alcoholic drinks. Plus it GLOWS!

Here are the details about the pricing of NEON Energy Drink in its various markets:

US & Canada

Regular Case Pricing

Please note there are 24 cans of NEON Energy Drink per case.

Shipping and handling is $11.99 per case.

1 case – $59.
2 cases – $118.
5 cases – $295.
10 cases – $499.

The price of NEON per can ranges from $2.58 to $2.96 depending on number of cases purchased (including shipping and handling).

Remember that you can refer three customers to the NEON Energy Club on the same autoship as you, or higher, and get your monthly autoship free (only paying the shipping and handling). This is the cheapest way to get NEON energy drink.

As a NEON energy drink promoter you can also receive commission on your own qualifying purchases (depending on sales volume), please email for more details.

NEON Energy Drink Pallet PricingWholesale Pallet Pricing

Discounts are available when you buy NEON energy drink in bulk.

One pallet contains 144 cases (3,456 cans).

As a NEON energy drink promoter you can get paid commission on your own purchases, and receive one case free every time you buy three cases. This enables you to get the lowest price possible.

144 cases is $6,372, plus a flat rate of $300 shipping.

From this order you would receive $796 back in sales commission.

This works out at $40.80 per case, or $1.70 per can.

Your total saving compared to regular prices is $4,346.

If you are interested in bulk buying please get in touch by email.

Download: NEON Energy Drink wholesale prices (PDF).

United Kingdom & European Union

Click here for UK and EU prices.

Click here to order NEON Energy Drink.


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