How to get NEON Energy Drink for the cheapest price

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NeonAtTheGymI’ve been raving about NEON Energy Drink ever since it was launched in the UK and Europe last month (it’s already been available in the US and Canada for some time now), and I’m delighted to be able to share some tips that I’ve learned about how to get NEON at the lowest possible price.

  1. Don’t just order one case, order two!
    It costs the same shipping to have two cases of NEON as one case of NEON, so by ordering two cases you can save a massive 26p per can, so I would always advise you to order two or more cases to get the best initial price. If necessary club together with a friend for your initial order.
  2. Buy 10 cases if you fall in love with it!
    Once you have tried NEON energy drink, if you want to save even more money buy 10 cases as the cost per can comes down even further, compared to buying one case you can save an impressive 51p per can by buying in bulk.
  3. If ordering 2 cases, don’t order 2 x 1 cases!
    Use the option to order two cases rather than ordering two single cases and you will save money. Just like if you use the option to order ten cases instead of ordering ten single cases, or even five double cases, you will save money. If you need help with this please call me, and I will be happy to talk you through.
  4. Refer your friends to earn FREE cases!
    If you refer three friends who order two cases each, you earn enough VIP Reward points to get two cases free the next month and only pay the £12.99 shipping, so it works out at just 27p per can including shipping (or equivalent in your currency). This is the cheapest way to get your NEON energy drink on a monthly basis. There are loads of shareable graphics and videos you can use to get your friends interested.
  5. Upgrade to being a NEON promoter!
    Promoters can earn commission on their own sales and customer sales, which can be up to 20% depending on sales volume for the month. This can equate to a discount on your own purchases, or if you refer enough people to the NEON Energy Club, you can actually make money each month by promoting NEON. You can upgrade to promoter in your back office, or contact me for info.
  6. Get a free case for snapping a celebrity drinking NEON!
    If you are lucky enough to know any A-list celebs, simply take a photo of them drinking a can of NEON and send it in to head office, and you can win a free case of 24 cans. You just have to be the first person to send in the photograph, and it needs to be a well known celebrity.

You can buy NEON Energy Drink online here, or call me on +447967646039 if you have any questions or wish to order by phone.


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