Near-Real-Time Translation of Periscope App Chat

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Periscope is a worldwide phenomenon

Periscope, we can agree, is a fantastic tool, but we risk missing opportunities both socially and in business because we limit ourselves with language.

If you look at the location map, you will see that there are many places in the world where there are many scopes taking place, but in local languages. So we can agree that there a several parallel worlds emerging.

Also, if you are an active broadcaster, there are often whole conversations going on in a foreign language and the instinct is to block the viewers, as you do not want to risk that something offensive is being said.

How can we address this issue? Long-term, we would like to see Periscope incorporate Google Translate or a similar service into the app. That would mean that you, as a broadcaster or follower, could choose the language that you wish to view comments. All comments would then be displayed in this language on your smartphone or even Apple TV!

On the PC, however, there is a here and now fix. What you need is the Google Chrome browser with the Google Translate extension. This extension is installed from the extension list.

Go to, where username is the name of the broadcaster. This could be you, if you are doing a scope. When the comments start appearing, right click on the page where you will see an option to Translate into (your language), where your language is the one you have set.

Then, most of the comments will be translated from any language into your own, albeit with certain caveats. For example, if the word is unknown or misspelled.

There is also the possibility to use the “Chatterbox” extension, so you can browse through the comments after the scope.

This near-real-time translation hack for Periscope came from a discussion between myself and fellow “scoper” Steve G Pickering who is a brit living in Denmark. Follow him at @SteveGPickering on the Periscope app.

Do you know any cool Periscope app hacks we should know about? Or have you used this tip and want to share your results? Please use the comment section below.


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