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ViSalus Ambassador Amanda Churcher
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Hi, I’m James Winsoar.

I’ve been marketing online since 1999, and I’m based in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

My main business is the Email Marketing Robot, a software solution for generating B2B leads. It is great for owners of companies who market their products and services to business owners. It is also perfect for leaders of business networking groups who can use the software to invite local business owners to their networking events.

Cash in on LinkedInMany of you are visiting my blog to learn about internet marketing. I am writing a series of eBooks about online marketing, the most recent being Cash in on LinkedIn 2015. This is a guide to using the fastest growing online professional networking website, and will teach you how to establish yourself as an expert online, and attract high paying offline clients.

If you are interested in losing excess weight, or building muscle with me, then I invite you to accept the Project 10 Challenge. Lose 10lbs of excess fat, or build 10lbs of lean muscle and you get a free “I Lost It” or “I Built It” t-shirt, and a needy kid gets sponsored with free healthy meals and snacks for 90 days.



Here’s to your success in life, health, and business!

Best regards,

James Winsoar
Internet Marketer
Marketing online since 1999.

PS. I would love to stay in touch and share what is working with you.
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