MLM Success Coaching – How To Grow Your Business

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James WinsoarThere are certain things you can control in your business, and certain things you cannot control.

You cannot control whether prospects will say yes or no to taking your products, and you cannot control if they will or will not join your business.

The only thing you can control is your own activity.

Jim Rohn said, “The same wind blows on all of us. It is the set of your sails that determines your direction”.

You can control:

  • How many people you add to your list each day.
  • How many people you talk to and prospect.
  • How many people you sit down with and present to.
  • How many people you phone to follow-up with.

In this YouTube video I talk about the four areas of activity that you can control that will lead to more customers and promoters joining your business, and buying your products.

finding the leaderSINALOA stands for Safety in Numbers and Law of Averages.

Safety in numbers means that the more people you speak to, the better results you will have for your business. Speak to more people and you will sign up more customers and promoters.

The law of averages means that if you sign up one person for every ten you speak to, increase the number of people you speak to and you will increase the number of people you sign up.

With time you can increase your average conversion rate, because you are practising and improving your skills.

Amateurs sell, they are emotional and hung up on the outcome, they can get emotional and give up because someone they care about tells them they are crazy.

Professionals sort, they know that not everyone will say yes, and they are willing to speak to more people to find the ones who do say yes, and then work with those who say yes.

Think of every “no” you get as being one step closer to the person who will say “yes”.

SWSWSWN = Some will, some wont, so what? Next!

Imagine if you got paid $1000 every time you found a pearl, and I handed you a bucket full of oysters. What would you do if you opened the first oyster and didn’t find a pearl? Would you give up that moment, or would you open the next oyster? Of course you would open the next one, and you would carry on opening every last oyster to see how many pearls you could find. You wouldn’t give up the moment you found your first one, would you?

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