How To Make $100 A Day Writing Articles

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I was recently challenged by a friend to prove that it is possible to make $100 in one day starting from zero money using only the internet. I’ve decided to put my writing skills to use, and sell my writing ability through a freelancer website called iWriter. In this case study I will see how long it takes for me to reach earnings of $100+ a day as a writer.

About iWriter

iWriter is an article exchange where people can buy articles, and writers can get paid for writing articles. Articles are used in a wide variety of scenarios, from blog posts, to online magazine content, through to complete eBooks. Many entrepreneurs and companies employ “ghost writers” to write this content for them. iWriter is one of the top websites for finding people who want to work as ghost writers, writing articles on a wide variety of subjects.

How iWriter Pays

iWriter pays writers by PayPal every week, or the is the option to get paid bi-weekly, or monthly if you prefer. Writers receive 81% of the total cost of the article, and the remainder goes towards PayPal fees, and Copyscape checks – since every article submitted by writers to iWriter is checked for uniqueness. The minimum balance for payout is $20 – so if you earn less than that in a month the balance is carried over to the next month.

Day 1. My first writing assignment

I chose the keyword “oak flooring” for one of the articles that needed writing. Then I did a search on Google and used the keyword suggestions at the bottom of the page to find that people are searching for “How to lay oak flooring on concrete”, so then I found a few websites with instructional guides, and spent about half an hour writing an article.

Within a short amount of time, I was contacted my the requester of the article congratulating me on the article, and offering to add me to his list of native English writers for future special projects. The article earned me a grand total of $2.03, so I’m not rich yet – but I did receive a rating of 5 stars, which will help me to access higher paid article writing jobs tomorrow.

Day 2. Coming soon!

I will update this blog post as I continue the challenge to make $100 in a day online!

Want to get paid to write articles yourself? Sign up as a writer at iWriter – it’s free!


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