Living in Gratitude

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Personal development gurus all agree that we should always be grateful for what we currently have, and where we are at any given moment.

People who are not grateful for what they have don’t make it easy for abundance to come into their life because the lack of gratitude creates barriers against abundance flowing freely.

Spend a few moments to think of all the things you can be grateful for today.

I am grateful for my health.
I am grateful that I am in a loving relationship.
I am grateful that I enjoy good food every day.
I am grateful that the internet helps to make communication easier over distances.
I am grateful to be able to share this information with you today.

Start to get the idea?

I recommend that you start a morning ritual where you get out of bed and think about what you are grateful for that day. Also before you go to sleep each night focus on the things you are grateful for that day. Being grateful removes all negatives emotions. It helps you to attract more good experiences into your life.


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