Lets discuss scoping in public & the shocking moment I got thrown out of BMW!!

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When I got thrown out of BMW at the Victoria Centre, Nottingham:

As you can see in the video clip above, despite being given initial permission by the staff at BMW in the Victoria Centre, Nottingham – they quickly changed their mind when I started talking about the pros and cons of the car. In fact they called security and got me ejected from the shopping centre!

This incident sparked a huge debate on Periscope, and I got interviewed by a couple of top broadcasters about what happened.

People are still quite ignorant about the benefits of live streaming to businesses, and unfortunately certain companies are rather snooty about who they wish to speak to, they prefer to control the media through carefully planned public relations opportunities rather than allowing independent “citizen journalists” to review their products and services on social media networks such as Periscope.

What are your thoughts about live streaming in public places (which are sometimes classed as being on private property)? Please put your comments in the comment section below and lets continue this discussion.


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