Introducing Liv: Crowd Funding Experiences

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Here’s a question for you. Would you rather own a lot of “things”, do would you rather have a life full of experiences? Research shows that most successful people would say a life full of experiences over owning a lot of physical objects.

Sure it is nice to have the latest car, a beautiful house, fashionable clothes, plenty of shoes, and all of the modern conveniences that save us time. You might even have staff to delegate tasks to already (more about that later), and yes you deserve all of those things, but let’s face it you’re not going to be able to take any of those things with you when you’re gone!

If you had the choice to make of buying a new pair of the latest Air Jordan sneakers, upgrading your iPhone to the latest model, or going on a fabulous vacation somewhere unforgettable with your loved ones, which would you choose? I’m guessing you would say the vacation. Why? Because memories last a lifetime.

Ever feel it’s time to start living a more exceptional life?

It’s a serious question. We only live once. Too often life is wasted. I want to help as many people as possible live amazing lives full of awesome experiences, and lots of fun and laughter along the way.

Experiences create memories, and that’s what we live for really. Doing the things we love with the people who matter to us most. Without experiences what is life really?

Perhaps you are the type of person who hasn’t been on vacation for years, you’re just working too hard. Trust me, I know the feeling. Thankfully I really enjoy my work and I’ve been self employed now for many years. However, when I do get away even for a weekend to the coast as I did recently, I remember how much I value those occasions, and I know I want more of them.

My hope is that together we can make a significant difference in the world, so if that sounds good keep reading.

What is #LivList?

You’ve probably seen the “LivList” hashtag blowing up on social media recently. Liv is a new crowd funding site for experiences. When you have an idea for something you would really like to do, post a photo of it with the hashtag LivList to attract other people who might want to do that same experience.

How Liv Works:

Lets say it’s you dream to skydive in the Bahamas. Why not? I’d love to do a tandem skydive and maybe conquer my fear of heights. Or maybe you would love a VIP all-access pass to see Bruno Mars. Or it could be a sporting event. Anything you can imagine really.

You can either add your own LivList event and see how many people are also interested, or you can browse the events already created and find one that you would like to join in on.

People pledge they would like to do this experience, and if there are enough people interested that experience goes live. People can then start to purchase that particular event – which is guaranteed to be at the best price available – or you can get a refund of 110% of the difference if you see it cheaper elsewhere.

Guaranteed Savings or 110% Refund

What’s the point of all this if it’s going to cost you MORE than shopping on Expedia? It just wouldn’t work. Liv want to offer unique tailored experiences that are much more amazing than you can get elsewhere, AND offer them at a lower price. That’s how Liv will differentiate itself in the marketplace.

You’re probably wondering how a 110% refund works. Let’s say for example you found the same flight for $80 on Expedia for example and it had cost $100 with Liv. You would get a refund not of $20, but $22 (110% of the difference in price), so it’s actually made that flight cheaper than if you had bought it on Expedia.

This means GUARANTEED savings on flights, travel, car hire, tickets, hotel rooms. That is a clear win over all competition. Better packages of events, and lower prices. Sounds great and it’s about to get even better!

Exclusive VIP Upgrades 

If enough people pledge they want to do a particular Liv experience, then bonuses will be opened up.

There will be special rewards given to the people who share an event. The more people who pledge to go to a particular LivList experience, the more bonus levels for that event are unlocked for you.

For example, it could be that back stage tour at the concert, meeting Bruno Mars in person, even having a private party with champagne reception, and free bar afterwards. The possibilities are endless.

Patented Crowd-Funding Platform

Liv combines crowd funded experiences with social media sharing in a brand new way which has been patented (not patent pending), meaning that Liv will be unique in the marketplace when it launches this July 2017.

Much more to Liv for!

As if that wasn’t enough, imagine having access to your very own concierge who will arrange literally anything for you. Flowers for your spouse, a restaurant booking at the weekend, hard to get tickets for a sold out concert. Again, the list is endless. Learn to use your concierge well and it can be a fantastic time saver. Perfect for busy professional people.

Imagine having amazing new products delivered to your home each month. It will be like Christmas day coming round every month, when you wake up to new product launches tailored to you and your interests.

Other bonuses include secure cloud storage so you can access your photos, videos, and documents from any device, anywhere in the world. Again perfect for professionals, and everyone else too because now you will never lose your precious photos and videos from all the amazing events you experience.

Watch this short presentation to learn all about Liv now:

Click here to pre-enrol for Liv now.

You are invited by James Winsoar, enroler ID # 2945784.


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