“I Can Make You Rich” – Paul McKenna

Do you beliefs effect how much you earn? Have you been brainwashed into not earning as much as you deserve?

In this book, reknown Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainer, Paul McKenna looks at things people have told us over the years that led to limiting beliefs. He uses NLP techniques to bring our thoughts and beliefs more in line with the kinds of lifestyle that we truly deserve for ourselves and others.

This book has definately increased my feelings of wealth since reading it, and I’ve also noticed an increase in good opportunities coming up. This may be a co-incidence, or it could be because my mind is now more open to seeing opportunities, that were really there all along, but I was missing them because I didn’t believe they were possible.

If you want to experience more creativity, confidence, and business genuis in your life – give this book a read.

The book also comes with an excellent hypnosis CD.

5/5 Stars

Listen to the CD every night for 21 days.

Use the comment form below and let me know if this book makes a difference for you!

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