How to set a false GPS location on Periscope

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Are you concerned about using the exact location option when you broadcast live on Periscope? Did you know that the geolocation option is very exact? It would enable someone with nefarious intentions to find out the precise GPS coordinates that you are broadcasting from. Not good if you are scoping from home or outside the school gates!

Many Periscope experts recommend that you turn the GPS location option off, but then you lose viewers by not appearing on the map search option. Thankfully there is a solution, and I’m about to explain it step by step.

Firstly, you will need an Android device for this to work. It isn’t possible on Apple devices because they don’t allow location spoofing onĀ their phones and tablets. So, if you want to use a fake GPS positionĀ and get more viewers you will need to use an Android device.

Enable Developer Mode

Tap Settings (the cog icon), then go to the General tab, scroll down and tap About device. Then tap on your Build number about 7 or 8 times and Developer options will be enabled.

Tap Developer options from the menu in the General tab, then scroll down to Allow mock locations and tick this option.

Download the Fake GPS Location app

Go to your Play Store, and search for Fake GPS Location. Install the Fake GPS Location app that is made by a company called Lexa. It is a free app.

Tap the Fake GPS Location icon when installed, then search for your spoof location of choice, and tap Set location.

Broadcast safely on Periscope

When enabled, you will see the green Fake GPS Location icon at the top left of your screen.

Now you can safely broadcast on Periscope without revealing your precise location, and you will still appear in the map view which will help you to get more viewers.

Please let me know in the comments below if you found this tip useful, and let me know how you intend to use it for your scopes.

For more tips please join my Scope Hacking community. It is free to join and a great place for small and home business owners who are interested in marketing their businesses on Periscope.


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