How to Sell Energy Drinks Online from Home for Fun & Profit!

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Would you like to sell energy drinks online, or from home to make an extra income, fire your boss, get your time freedom back, send your kids to university, or travel the world?

The good news is that selling energy drinks need not be an uphill struggle any more. You don’t have to come up with your own unique formulation, get your cans designed, get the drink manufactured, sort out logistics and distribution, or come up with all the marketing. Doing it that way would require millions of dollars of investment, and quite frankly would be a nightmare to try to get off the ground.

A new way to make money from home selling energy drinks is now available, it’s called the NEON Energy Club, and here is how it works:

  1. Join the NEON Energy Club and upgrade to being a promoter.
  2. You then qualify for wholesale pricing and direct-to-door delivery.
  3. Refer your friends to the club through your exclusive link.
  4. Earn free product, cash commission, and bonuses!

Full training is provided on the product, how to refer friends and contacts to get your monthly order for FREE (which comes in handy when you are sampling), and also how to get paid by sharing it with more people.

NEON Energy Drink PartyDoing it this way can be more lucrative as everything is already ready to go. NEON is the healthiest and most natural energy drink on the market, giving people 100% of their Vitamin B and C requirements for the day in just one can, and also supplying all the many health benefits of green tea in a delicious drink.

You don’t have huge set-up costs, in fact you can own your own energy drink business for under $1000, and have everything you need in terms of samples, business processes and systems, and marketing plan to achieve awesome results. Many people are making their initial investment back in their first week of business!

There is no ceiling to how much you can make selling NEON Energy Drink from home, or online by sharing it with others on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and others!

All the social media shareables are already created, so you don’t even need to hire a graphic designer to create your own marketing materials. Even Facebook header graphics are provided for your own custom Facebook pages!

Energy drinks are a multi-billion dollar worldwide market, and something that most people drink on a daily basis, so it isn’t hard to show people how they can switch their spending from unhealthy brands of energy drinks, to healthy NEON energy drink.

NEON Energy Drink is owned and marketed by ViSalus under the Body by Vi brand.

Click here for more information about Vi NEON.

Click here to get in touch, or to get started!


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