How To Make Money From Home With Your PC & Internet Connection

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Are you looking for legitimate ways to make money from home using only your PC and internet connection? Maybe to top up your existing income, generate some extra spending money to treat yourself, or earn some more cash to make paying the bills a bit easier each month?

I’m going to keep adding to this blog post with more ways of making money from home using only your PC and internet connection, so please bookmark this page and let me know in the Facebook comments section below if you know of any more methods.

mining-bitcoinBitcoin Mining

Bitcoin is a decentralised cypto-currency that is getting more popular. It’s value has increased very rapidly, and you can use the spare computing power in your desktop or laptop computer to “mine” new bitcoins, which you can then spend with retailers who accept bitcoin, or you can sell the bitcoin to buyers in return for your local currency.

Here are the steps to start mining bitcoin on your PC for free*:

  1. Download and install a Bitcoin wallet to create a bitcoin address that you will receive payments into. I use the wallet called Bitcoin Core for Windows (64 bit version) but there are several other options you can choose from.
  2. Download MTG Miner. You will find a list of download links for each operating system on this page.
  3. Run MTG Miner using the setup instructions on the Eligius website.

If you have a fast computer and you can leave it on all the time, this can be a good way to generate money for doing absolutely nothing. Your bitcoin could increase in value over time as well due to inflation, so even if you earn only a small amount it could add up over time.

* Just bear in mind that your PC does cost money to run.¬†You’re going to have to weigh up for yourself whether you are making more money leaving your computer on mining for bitcoin, or whether you can save money by switching it off when it’s not in use.