How To Increase Effectiveness Of Periscope Broadcasts

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Video part 1:

Video part 2:

I was asked how to make broadcasts more effective on Periscope, and decided to make this scope (had a bit of a struggle scope at first which is why it is in two parts above). It turned out to be the most engaging scope I’ve ever broadcasted. Thank you to everyone who took part, and if you missed it please be sure to watch the replays above. Let me know what you think using the comments section at the end of this blog post.

Here are my top 10 tips:

  1. Pre-promote everywhere, and start on time.
  2. Have a great title. Use numbers, emojiis, and give a clear benefit to your target audience.
  3. Allow plenty of time for your broadcast – could be an hour long.
  4. Start off by asking questions, such as tell me your names and where you are from?
  5. Do your best to read and affirm every comment.
  6. Maintain your enthusiasm level throughout.
  7. Discuss pros and cons of each point with your audience. Also say how you feel.
  8. Manage any trolls by drawing attention to them, and blocking if necessary.
  9. Give opportunity for questions by good use of silence.
  10. Signpost your viewers where they can go next to continue the discussion.

If you found these tips useful you will love my future broadcasts so please follow @winsoar in the Periscope app, click here to watch my latest replays, and join our secret facebook group where you can share tips with other business owners who are using Periscope for marketing their businesses.


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