How To Get Free MLM Leads On Instagram

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Are you looking for a cost effective way to build your business so that you can start living the lifestyle that you dreamed about when you got started in your business?

In this blog post, you will learn why Instagram is one of the best ways you can instantly generate high quality leads to grow your business even further in just 10 to 30 minutes a day on top of your main strategy.

You’re probably asking yourself, how can you market your business on Instagram when they don’t have any clickable leads? Keep reading and I will share with you the exact system I’m using to generate leads for my network marketing business on a daily basis via my smartphone!

Remember that your audience is looking for two things – leads, and leadership. Provide people with what they want, and you will get great results from your instagram.

Here are my top 13 tips for generating free MLM leads using Instagram:

  1. Have your profile name as YOUR NAME
    If you have already set up an instagram profile with your company name, I highly recommend that you start a new profile with your own name, as personal accounts perform far better than company accounts. Do this even if you are promoting a specific company or product!
  2. Link to an enticing training lead capture page
    The best way to generate MLM leads with instagram is to link to a free instagram training, report, or video – and ask people to enter their name and email address for access.
  3. Have a great description!
    Include a call to action to ask people viewing your profile to click your link and enter their details for the free training or report that you are offering.
  4. Use “Find Friends” to grow your following
    The app will access your contacts, and invite your Facebook friends to give you a good amount of people to follow immediately. Click “Follow All”, and also go through the “Suggested users”, and add any you may think are relevant.
  5. Like five posts and follow
    Search for users in your niche by searching for tags such as #networkmarketing, or #cleaneating, etc. When you find a prospect, like about five of their recent posts, and then follow them. You have a good chance they will follow you back! Use the “JustUnfollow” app to periodically unfollow everyone who hasn’t followed you back.
  6. Use hashtags in your post
    Use hashtags like #follow4follow to get people to follow you back. You can find more related hashtags using the search tool “Hashtagify“. You can also find more hashtags using the Instahelper app from the app store.
  7. Reciprocate!
    Always follow people back who follow you, and reply to comments on your posts. You can also repost other people’s tweets and acknowledge them using one of several “Repost” apps for instagram – you will find them in your app store.
  8. Connect your Facebook fan page
    You can grow your instagram by having the app automatically post your pictures onto your Facebook page as well. This will help to attract people to follow you on Instagram who are seeing your facebook page posts.
  9. Run contests
    Ask people to follow you, and post a picture of video with your chosen contest hashtag and your username tagged in to enter. You can give away any prize, a 60 minute free marketing consultation with you could be a good prize idea to start with – but don’t be tempted to do product giveaway contests if you want to attract other network marketers. When the contest ends, repost the winning entry and also send out a press release.
  10. Share lead-getting content
    Unfortunately nobody cares about the food you’re eating. They don’t care about your products, all they care about is how as a leader you’re going to help them. I suggest you post content that your audience will want – such as inspiration, photos of yourself and your lifestyle with positive quotes put on them (I use the PhotoGrid app to create graphics from my smartphone), instagram tips, and announcements about free training webinars, screenshots of your latest blog posts with a call to action for people to visit your blog, etc.
  11. Share content regularly
    Spread out 3 to 5 posts throughout the day to ensure that your posts keep showing up in your followers feeds. Don’t post more often than this as too many posts a day could also cause people to unfollow you.
  12. Use Video
    Cut a little 15 second tip out of your YouTube videos, or record a tip, or just record a call to action and get people to click your profile link.
  13. Optimise your post descriptions
    Use a custom location that has your call to action. Also right at the beginning of your post, put a call to action such as “Double tap and tag a friend who needs how to market on instagram!”. Ask them to check your bio for a free instagram training to learn how to get more leads and buyers. Use a call to action on 20% of your posts. At the weekends just post inspiration, and valuable content. Don’t post your hashtags with the photo description, go back into the post afterwards and then comment with maximum 20 to 30 hashtags.

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