How to Earn 120 Cans of NEON Energy Drink for FREE Each Month!

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In this video I show how you can earn 120 cans of NEON Energy Drink for free each month, simply by sharing your NEON Energy Club website link with people. It is so easy!

Here’s how it works in three simple steps:

  1. Become a member of the NEON Energy Club (free)
  2. Share your own unique link with others
  3. Earn 1 free case of NEON for every 3 cases ordered*

* Up to a maximum of 5 cases a month in free NEON per member.

So let’s break down these three simple steps for you.

Joining the NEON Energy Club is free, and allows you to order the new healthy energy drink that naturally glows at wholesale prices.

It is a simple process to join the club – just click on Buy Now and then fill out all the details, once you do this you are instantly set up with your own website link and can start referring others.

You can find a whole range of shareables including images, videos, and facebook covers at the NEON Share Centre, as well as creating your own graphics – for example you at the gym with a can of NEON, at a meeting with a can of NEON on the desk, or in the car with a can of NEON.

Keep sharing your link regularly, don’t just share it once on social media and expect people to join. You need to be consistent and share daily as well as posting other useful content that is not NEON related to interest people.

neon energy drink 3forfreeAn example of a post that netted me an order of NEON Energy Drink from LinkedIn.

As well as social media be sure to talk to people about NEON you meet, for example someone might as you on the train about NEON when they see you drinking a can, or a work colleague might ask.

The best way to share NEON is to hand them a can (pop it open first to encourage them to drink it immediately), and then tell them to visit your website to learn more about all the good ingredients, and how the NEON Energy Club works.

If you would like more information on how you can get your NEON Energy Drink for free, and how to maximise your amount of free product per month – please get in touch with me.

Let me know how you are sharing in the comments section below!


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