How to build your MLM business using Facebook in 10 minutes a day

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In addition to the traditional word of mouth marketing methods to build your MLM business, you can use the Internet today to keep topping up your list with new people to expose to your product, service, and business opportunity.

Here is a non-salesy way to build your list in just ten minutes a day using Facebook:

  1. Search Facebook for your hometown.
  2. Click on Latest.
  3. Scroll down until you see a story that resonates with you that you can comment on (you can’t comment on all due to privacy settings).
  4. Comment with something encouraging.
  5. Click on their name to view their profile.
  6. Click Message, then send them an ice-breaking message mentioning the common ground of your location and the topic they posted about. Make sure that your message is complimentary, and sincere.
  7. Add them to a friends list so you can check their posts often, and share useful content with them.
  8. Don’t talk about your company, until you have built a relationship up first, or they ask you about it!

You can set yourself a target of say 1 to 3 new contacts per day using this method, and it shouldn’t take you any more than ten minutes to complete.

If it doesn’t matter to you where you build, you can also search for keywords – for example if you are in the weight loss business you can search for keywords like “beer belly”, or “getting fat” to find prospects. Again follow the method above, don’t spam your link, and don’t even mention your business until asked or the time is right.

Let me know in the comments below how you get on!


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