How to Build a Network Marketing Business by Email!

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James WinsoarThis is the exact method that I use to build my network marketing business by sending out emails.

Firstly, you need to pick the right company which has a product or service that is in high demand, and that has a unique selling proposition that makes it attractive to business owners in particular.

This step is critical. Don’t just pick a “Me Too” company. The products and services you offer must stand out from competitors, not blend in.

Next, think about the the types of businesses that would be the best distributors or promoters for your particular products or services.

For example, I’m working with a new product called NEON Energy Drink that tastes great, is made from natural ingredients, and uniquely it GLOWS under UV light. This makes it an awesome proposition for bars and nightclub owners in particular.

So spend a few moments thinking about the types of businesses that would be interested in your products, and jot down some bullet points about what makes your product or service an excellent proposition for their clients or customers.

Now all you need to do is to search Google, and make a list of prospects to contact. So for example, search for your target business type in your nearest large city. You should find hundreds of results. Then, go to each website and look for a contact email address. It is a good idea to make a spreadsheet to keep track of who you have contacted.

Send them an email explaining you found them on Google, and wondered if they may be interested in being a distributor or promoter for your product, include the bullet point benefits, and ask who would be the best person to contact and send more information to.

Using this method you can easily generate more warmed up leads every day than you can handle, but admittedly it is a time consuming process. That’s why I use the Email Marketing Robot software to automate the task of finding prospective businesses and sending them the initial email.

This isn’t spam, since you would only email each business once, and you have done research to make sure they are targeted and likely to be interested in your offer. You aren’t adding anyone to an email list UNLESS they expressly reply back expressing an interest in more information.

Of course if your product or service is poor quality, or nothing special then people aren’t going to be appreciative of your email. So choosing the company you work with is critical to your success with this method.

While the robot is sending out emails, you can be following up with those who reply, or getting on with something else. It is like having an extra member of staff working for you, but at a fraction of the cost.

The Email Marketing Robot is affordable at just $47 a month and there is also a free trial (no credit card required) which will allow you to contact 100 targeted business owners for free. On the website in the Resources section you will also find a range of template emails you can base your email on.

If you are interested in promoting NEON Energy Drink with me, I will be delighted to send you the exact email that I use to generate more leads than I can handle on a daily basis, and I will cover the cost of your subscription to the Email Marketing Robot so long as you are an active NEON promoter. Just contact me if you would like to discuss this opportunity further.

How do you build your network marketing business? Let us know in the reply section below.


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