17 Free Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business

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The key to growing any business is speaking to people about your product and service. The more people you speak to, the more sales and referrals you are likely to receive.

However, how do you overcome the issue of running out of people to speak to.How do you grow your business once you have spoken to everyone you can think of?

Here are 21 ways – most of them free – to find new people to speak to. All of them proven to grow businesses of all types.

If you can think of any other ways please reply using the comment form below.

In future blog posts I will go into each way of generating leads in more detail.

  • Warm Market People that you know – friends, family, work colleagues, suppliers, customers, facebook friends, mobile phone contacts, etc. Also think about people you know in shops you frequent, people you have purchased things from, and also who your friends and contacts know – these are your second degree contacts.
  • Referrals Ask people that you know to refer you to potential customers or referral partners for your business. For example, you could say “I know this side project would not be of interest to you, but you are a well connected person. Who do you know who works in the wellness industry?”
  • Networking Events Organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce, BNI, 4Networking, and others run local events where small business owners get together to network and introduce each other to potential clients. This is an excellent way to expand your network and meet potential clients. Always focus on how you can help the other person, and activate the law of reciprocity!
  • Meetup.com As well as business networking events, there are tons of other events taking place in your area. Meetup.com is a great way to find those events. Simply look for events where your potential clients hang out, go along, and make some new friends. Don’t push your product or business opportunity at these events, simply collect the cards of three people who would be worth following up with later, and call them the next day to arrange to meet for a coffee!
  • BBQs, Parties We are always getting invited to events such as barbeques, parties, get togethers. I highly recommend that you start accepting as many invites as you can handle. Look out for invites on Facebook as well. These can be great opportunities to meet new people who may be interested in what you have to offer.
  • Charity Events Why are charity events so good? Because the people who attend charity events want to help others. Hopefully they will help you to get the contacts you need too!
  • Sports Days These are great events because every parent wants to spend more time with their children. By going along to these events and speaking to other parents, you may find people who could use more time, and more money. Your business opportunity could be the answer they are looking for!
  • Gumtree Most people use Gumtree entirely wrong, by advertising their business opportunity, product or service. The better way is to contact those people, and get on the phone with them. Find out what they are looking for, and maybe your business opportunity could help them to reach their goals more quickly if they are open to looking at it.
  • Googling Local Professionals Simply search for your nearest city followed by the word professionals, and look through the results to find people nearby you can contact. Most likely the top results on Google will be well connected individuals who would make excellent team members in your business.
  • LinkedIn With an average income of $100,000 a year, professionals on LinkedIn tend to be very well connected individuals as well. You can search on LinkedIn by location and profession. Then you can connect to people, and start building a relationship. When the relationship is built up, arrange to meet in person, by Skype, or a phone call to take the relationship to the next stage – either asking for a referral, or an order.
  • Twitter There are so many ways to use Twitter that I will go into in future blog posts in more detail. One way is to search for people who are tweeting with a need for your product or service. For example if you sell weight loss products, try searching for people saying they “need to lose weight”, or “get my beach body back” etc. You will find people who have recently tweeted, so you will know that they have a current need for your product or service.
  • YouTube This is a great way to research people that you want to contact. For example, search for videos about “lose weight”, then watch the videos to find out a bit about people. When you contact them, drop in details about them, so they know you have done your research. This will help your comments or messages stand out from other spam, and they will sit up and take notice.
  • Drop Cards in Books You can make little cards saying things such as “Make money from home – call 07967 646039”. Put them in books at your local book shop such as “Think and Grow Rich”, books about network marketing, and books on personal development. The people who pick up these books could be excellent prospects for your business.
  • Clothes Advertising Many companies supply clothes and other gear that you can wear to promote your business. Wearing these clothes, badges etc, could help to start a conversation. Always have a question ready to ask people back when they ask about it. For example, you could wear a badge saying “Lose 10lbs fat and win £600 – ask me how”. When they ask how, be ready to ask a question back such as, “How much weight would you like to lose?”.
  • Car Window Advertising When driving round you may as well do some advertising as well. A car sticker saying “Make extra cash – call 07967 646039” would work well because people could call from their car. I don’t recommend a website address because they are hard to remember and most people cannot access websites whilst driving, but they can quickly put a phone number into their phone if stationary.
  • Adding Drop Cards to Envelopes Whenever you send an invoice or pay a bill, put a drop card in there advertising your business. Slogans such as “For an additional income call 07967 646039 for details” can peak curiosity and generate leads. When you get junk mail with a reply paid envelope, send it back with your drop card. Why? Because these envelopes are all opened by human beings!
  • Tradeshow Stand Renters I don’t recommend that you rent a stand at a tradeshow, but it can be a great return on your time to go round all the stands and collect information on the renters of the stands to follow up with the next day. You might have to express a little interest in what they do to obtain a business card, but this can be very fruitful.

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