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Would you like to find some really cool broadcasters to watch on the Periscope app? Would you like to get more followers on your own Periscope account? If so, you’re going to love my new website

When I first downloaded the Periscope mobile app, I was frustrated that I couldn’t find many interesting people to follow. Even now the search function in the app is not very usable, and you cannot find trending users who scope about certain topics.

That is why I made the PeriRank website, which uses a proprietary algorithm to rank Periscope broadcasters who are trending. This allows you as a viewer to find interesting people to follow, and as a broadcaster gives you a great way of attracting your target audience from the web.

The PeriRank website also tracks your hearts and followers over time, and gives you nice attractive graphs that give you a quick easy to understand at a glance way of knowing how well you are doing: 2015-11-16 22-00-03 2015-11-16 21-59-49

It is really simple to add yourself to the website, just put “” in your web browser address bar (replace YourUserName with your Periscope username), and press enter, or click Go.

Please scope about this and tweet it out on Twitter. Help to spread the word about this free and useful Periscope Analytics website that also helps to promote Periscope broadcaster accounts that are trending!


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