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“How to generate hundreds of leads a day through Facebook Ads in the home based business niche”

James Winsoarby James Winsoar

There are many complicated ways to generate leads through facebook, but I’ve distilled it all down to a really easy to duplicate way to generate hundreds of leads a day using highly-targeted Facebook ads.

As there is a lot of misinformation or out-of-date information on the net right now about Facebook Ads I suggest you forget everything you think you know about the subject. I’m going to explain the least complicated way of doing it.

Step 1.

You will need to get a conversion tracking pixel so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your ads. Click here for details of how to get your conversion tracking pixel and add it to your conversion page between the <head> and </head> tags on that page.

Step 2.

Create a simple squeeze page with a headline and an opt-in box to collect email addresses of people who are interested in what you have to offer. You should offer a free report, webinar, or eBook that your target audience would walk through fire to get hold of.

I don’t recommend using any “blind copy” on your squeeze page. Instead, be clear about the benefits of your give-away, and do it in a straight forward and non-marketing type of way.

Step 3.

Create your Facebook ad, and remember to activate conversion tracking using the tracking pixel you added to your site in step 1.

The photo in your ad should be the eCover for your give-away product, or your own photograph.

You don’t need to be an expert copywriter to write the ad text. Simply explain what your prospects will receive, again in a non-hypey way. Don’t try to oversell it. Remember to use the word FREE in your ad copy.

If what you are giving away is truly something that your prospect would walk through fire to get hold of, you don’t really need to over-sell it in your ad copy. Just make the benefits clear.

One way to create the ad copy is simply to copy and paste some text from your squeeze page, then shorten it to fit in the number of characters allowed in a Facebook ad.

Ensure that your ad copy matches exactly the offer that the visitor will see on your squeeze page to ensure congruity.

Step 4.

When targeting your ad I recommend only targeting the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom. Obviously only target the countries where you are interested in finding prospects. If your company only operates in the United Kingdom, only target the United Kingdom.

To increase the quality of your sign-ups you may wish to target only ages of 25 or up, or even 35 or up. Think about the people who are successful in your business and target that age group. Think about who can afford the product or service you wish to offer your list (more about that later).

Target using precise interest and type in “Jim Rohn”, since a lot of home based business owners like the teachings of this network marketing guru.

Set your bidding to Manual CPC and type in $1.

Set your daily budget to $100 or whatever amount you feel comfortable with. If you can only afford $5 a day that’s fine!

Step 5.

When your ad is approved and it’s running, check the stats in your Facebook ads console.

Let’s look at your cost per conversion.

If you are paying $1 or less per lead then congratulations – because with a budget of $100 a day, you would be generating at least 100 leads a day with a spend of just $100.

Step 6.

If you are spending more than you can afford per lead, you can do a number of things to improve the cost per conversion.

  • First of all, split test your squeeze page to increase the conversion rate. Test different headlines, colours, etc. and find which cause more people to give you their email address.
  • Increase your earnings per lead by offering additional products using an email autoresponder sequence. Balance pre-sell (offering useful information to build credibility), and selling (offering products or services to make money). A good ratio of pre-sell to sell is 80/20.
  • Lower your maximum cost per click for your Facebook ad which could decrease the number of clicks, but would lead to a lower cost per subscriber.

Step 7.

Expand your targeting. Using Facebook Graph Search type “Pages liked by people who like Jim Rohn”. This will return hundreds of different interests you can target using Facebook ads.

Always ensure that you create a separate ad group for each precise interest targeting otherwise you will end up paying a higher cost per click. This way you can also monitor the exact cost per lead generated for each precise interest you are targeting.

That’s it. Look out for an email from me with a link to another free report coming tomorrow about how to turn your new subscribers into buyers as quickly as possible!

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