9 Simple Facebook Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners

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The following nine easy to implement Facebook marketing ideas will help you to grow your small business without ever spamming your friends and family.

All these tips are aimed at your own personal profile, rather than a Facebook page. Since you will already have a list of hot prospects on your Facebook profile it makes sense to use that, rather than try to build up the audience to a brand new Facebook page.

Remember that people buy from people, they don’t buy from companies!

  1. Profile Pic
    The best photo is one that shows your lifestyle, so that it attracts people to want to join you. A photograph of you speaking on stage would be good, or otherwise any attractive photo showing that you live an interesting or exciting lifestyle. Don’t use a photo of your dog! Nobody wants to join your dog.
  2. Be Mindful About Your Posts
    Be conscious about the posts you are making on Facebook. Review past posts and delete any that are negative or didn’t get any engagement. Never fight on Facebook as it will put people off joining you!
  3. Build Your List
    Upload your email contacts to Facebook from your email software, and your business card collection. Scroll through the friend suggestions, and click “see more” to find people you haven’t seen in years. Search friends of friends to find more people that you know.
  4. Make One Post A Day About Your Business
    Show the results that you are getting with your business, for example if you sell weight loss products show the results you are getting, products you are using, or exercise you are doing. Don’t be tempted to spam about your business or products, rather show how you are benefiting from them.
  5. Play Team
    Whenever you see colleagues posting, hit like, and post an encouraging comment. This makes their post more relevant so that it appears in more of their friends and families feeds.
  6. Message People Who Like & Comment
    Send a message like “I saw you hit the like button about my post when I lost 4lbs. Would you be open to checking out what I’m doing?”.
  7. Message People Who Comment On Friend’s Posts
    Look out for opportunities in the news feed, such as people asking for weight loss tips. Send them a message saying that’s what you do!
  8. Join Lifestyle Groups On Facebook
    Join groups about subjects you are interested in as this will help you to make friends with people who like the same things as you. Also join groups relevant to your business and products. Don’t spam people, just start conversations, like “What’s working for you to eat right?”.
  9. Use Facebook Search
    Search for keywords such as “getting fat”, and click Latest. Replace “getting fat” with keywords relevant to your business and products. You can also try “need to work out”, “love handles”, “beer belly”, “out of shape”, etc. Think about the way you talk rather than the way you write. This will help you to find unlimited prospects you can follow, and message!

Let me know how you get on with these tips, and let me know which you like the best in the comments section below.

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