How to use Facebook Graph Search for Marketing

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Small business owners in particular can benefit from the powerful search capabilities that Facebook have introduced through Facebook Graph Search. Use this new search feature to find prospects who may be interested in your product or service. For example, if you sell a weight loss product, you could search for people who already like a competitors product – then you can send them a message to get into a conversation about the company that you represent.

This also works for business to business applications. Say for example that you offer a marketing service, you can search for people who already like a competitors marketing service. Then simply send them a message and ask them if they are familiar with the service you have to offer. Be ready to answer questions about what makes your product or service better than the one that they are currently using. This can be a great way to generate sales very quickly.

Let me know how you use Facebook Graph Search for marketing your business in the comments section below.


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