Email Remarketing on Facebook

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Remarketing involves advertising to people who have already visited a website. You’ve probably noticed that after searching for a specific phrase, or visiting a certain website, you start to see advertisements for similar or identical things around the internet. This is no coincidence, it is remarketing in action!

Facebook have released a new feature to advertisers called Custom Audiences that allow companies to remarket to potential customers based on their email address or facebook user ID. This is a very powerful feature that is vastly under utilised at present. In fact, the only people using it right now are top marketers and fortune 500 companies.

It works by first uploading a list of email addresses to Facebook, which are encrypted for privacy. Facebook then match the encrypted email addresses with their own internal database to identify users. It is then possible to advertise only to these users. That’s powerful!

For example, a company may have a list of people who have purchased from them in the past. To reactivate those old accounts they could run a special offer on facebook that would only appear to those old customers. The cost of running an advertising campaign like that is very low, compared with trying to target those users by traditional demographic information.

If you are interested in running a remarketing advertising campaign on Facebook, my company JW Enterprises can assist you in setting it up.


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