Does Body by Vi Work?

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I started the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge in April 2013. So a year on, one of the most common questions I am asked is “Does Body by Vi work?”. Personally I’ve got my body fat percentage down from 26% to 11%, and I’ve increased my muscle mass from 42% to 69% as measured using electronic scales.

My own opinion is yes it does work, in fact it works better than all other products I’ve tried including Maximuscle Promax Lean, and Holland & Barrett’s whey protein powder.

Why I got started

When I first started the Challenge, I was fed up with my growing stomach. Whenever I saw myself in the mirror I was embarrassed with my appearance, and self-concious when giving presentations etc. at work. I had to do something about it!

Despite going to the gym five times a week, nothing was working to move the fat. So when I started seeing before and after photos of people in America on the 90 Day Challenge, I decided I wanted to join it as soon as it launched in the UK. Everything about the product sounded fantastic, and all I wanted to do was to try the shakes to find out if they really were as amazing as everyone said. The chance of winning £600 cash, and getting the products for free was also very appealing!

When I found out Body by Vi was launching in the UK, I decided to go along to a pre-launch event in London, and when I tasted the shake I decided I would accept the challenge to initially lose 11lbs of fat myself to get my stomach flat, and also decided it would be a wise business decision to promote the challenge too!

My challenge is still continuing. I would like to get my body fat percentage down to 8%, and also add further 10lbs of muscle and win Project 10, where I could get £600 to spend on a new wardrobe, an exclusive “I Built It” t-shirt only available to people who add 10lbs of lean muscle on the challenge, and also I will be helping to feed needy kids through the Project 10 Charity.

Does it work to lose weight?

Absolutely, initially I lost 18lbs of fat, and have since built lean muscle by continuing the challenge along with exercise three times a week at the gym where I do mainly weight training and some running. I’ve personally witnessed hundreds of transformations on the challenge, so yes it definitely does work!

The only caveat to that is that for weight loss you must replace two meals a day with the Vi shakes. I found it easiest to have a shake for breakfast, mid-morning healthy snack, shake for lunch, healthy snack in the afternoon, then a healthy evening meal.

Does it work without exercise?

Andy Goulding
Does Body by Vi work without exercise?


Andy Golding, one of my team customers from Eastwood in Nottinghamshire managed to lose significant weight in just 75 days and the only light exercise he did during that time was walking his dog. Many other people have also reported that they have lost weight on the Challenge and didn’t do any exercise. However, my advice would be as soon as you feel comfortable, to do some light exercise such as brisk walking, 20 minutes a day, as this will speed up your weight loss and improve your health.

Does it work with one shake a day?

The recommended number of shakes a day for weight loss is two a day (Shape Kit as a minimum), and personally I got the best results on the Boost Kit which is two shakes a day and a nutra cookie as one of the healthy daily snacks. Andy Goulding also got his results using the Boost Kit.

If you cannot afford the Boost Kit, I suggest the Shape Kit which is two shakes a day. However, if your current diet is particularly bad, for example if you mostly eat at fast food restaurants, you could certainly improve your diet just by replacing one of those meals with a healthy Vi shake.

Having one shake a day is better than not having the Vi shakes at all, because each shake contains 21g of high quality protein, as well as a full serving of dietary fibre, and a full range of vitamins and minerals. Compare that with the fat and sugar found in fast food meals. So if you can replace one or more bad meals a day with a Vi shake you will certainly see an improvement.

The Project 10 Challenge

Vi is much more than just shakes and cookies, the thing that makes it so successful is the Project 10 Challenge.

Entry to the Project 10 Challenge is free. You just need to record a video to prove your starting weight, then every time you lose 10lbs of fat, or build 10lbs of lean muscle you can enter to win £600, you get a free “I Lost It”, or “I Built It” t-shirt, and 30 meals are donated to help needy kids.

Giving yourself a challenge to lose 10lbs or gain 10lbs gives you a target that is reasonable easy to achieve. The prizes and recognition through the Vi community help to keep you motivated.

3 for Free Programme

James Challenges You!Challenge three people to lose 10lbs or build 10lbs of muscle with you, and you get your kit for free every month. It’s true! I only ever paid for my first kit.

As long as you always have three people doing it with you, your kit is free each month. All you pay is the postage. So it’s like Christmas day every month when the delivery man knocks and delivers all the shake mix and cookies!

The Challenge is mainstream and viral, and I’ve found it easy to challenge my friends and family to do the Challenge with me. It really does help being part of a team who are all focused on their health and wellness.

This has really helped me to stick to my Challenge and keep going, beyond what I ever thought would be possible by myself.

Vi supply lots of different marketing tools to make challenging people easy, including the new shareable which you can post to facebook, and when people accept the Challenge, you automatically get a notification on your mobile!

If you want to lose weight or build muscle – I CHALLENGE YOU!

Accept the Challenge now. Click here!

Still have questions? Call me on 07967 646039.

James Winsoar
Independent Vi Promoter.


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