Increase Repeat Sales With A Customer Loyalty Card App

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Customer loyalty card apps are great for coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, hairdressers, car servicing garages, hotels, and many more.

How a customer loyalty card app works:

Customers collect stamps every time they purchase a coffee, a sandwich, a meal, have their hair done, or their car serviced, for example.

When they collect five stamps, or ten stamps (whatever the retailer decides), the customer gets a free coffee, a free sandwich, a free meal, or a free haircut, etc.

Some of the best known UK retailers such as Nandos, Starbucks, and La Tasca all have their own mobile loyalty card apps, and they are very well received by customers.

Many top UK retailers have already phased out their printed loyalty cards, in favour of mobile based loyalty card apps for customers.

What is to stop a small business from launching a loyalty app?

Up until recently the price of mobile app development has been prohibitive, but now the cost is falling, smartphone apps are becoming more affordable to small business owners.

Whereas the cost was upwards of £2000 a year or two ago, a mobile app can now be developed for £500 to £1000, and as a one-off investment a mobile loyalty card app can pay for itself time and time again in increased customer spend, and repeat business.

Listings on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, to name just two app directories, give small businesses significant additional exposure in a growing global marketplace.

Significant advantages to both customers and retailers

Having a loyalty card programme in a mobile app format has several advantages for both customers and business owners over paper and plastic based systems:

  • It makes it more convenient for the customer, because they don’t have to carry any plastic card or paper with them, that they could lose – and therefore lose their points.
  • It saves money for the retailer, because they don’t have to supply plastic or paper cards to customers, and nothing to replace when the card is full of stamps.
  • Customers benefit by always having their loyalty card app with them on their smartphone, so they never miss out on points, and are motivated to collect points quicker.
  • Retailers benefit from more repeat customer, and better take up of their loyalty card programme. It’s win-win for customer and retailer!

Apps preferred over paper by most customers

Customers prefer loyalty cards to be on their mobile. In fact, customers are actively searching for ways of putting their existing paper or plastic based loyalty cards onto their mobile phone!

Retailers can take advantage of this growing trend, by making their loyalty scheme mobile based in the first place. Customers will love it, and it will make a better return for the retailer.

Retailers save on printing. It makes sense to start with a mobile app based system, as that is the preferred option for most customers.

Use the mobile app to re-engage dormant customers

Additional features such as “push notifications” can further increase business, by sending special offers to customers handsets that appear like text messages.

This re-marketing tactic can quickly fill a restaurant, get extra orders in for a takeaway, fill a quiet day at a salon, or get some extra jobs in at a garage. The possibilities of push notifications are endless!

For information on how to get a loyalty card app for your business – contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you.


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