Why I’m Livid About The Government Childhood Obesity Strategy!

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The UK government’s long overdue “Childhood Obesity Strategy” was released today, and highlights how the government represents the interests of globalist companies, rather than citizens.

Instead of banning fast food commercials before 9pm, the government have bowed to industry pressures, and in their never-ending attempt to please their corporate backers nothing more than a “challenge” to lower sugar levels has come out, and this is entirely voluntary, just like the sodium levels guidelines several years ago.

Once again the government fails to acknowledge the role that diet plays in obesity, and instead focus on activity levels at school and home, with a recommended 30 minutes of physical exercise per day.

30 minutes is an absolute joke when it would take 45 minutes of running to burn off the calories in a single McDonalds Big Mac, and that doesn’t include the fries, or Coke.

theresa mayI’ve said again and again that it is impossible to exercise off a bad diet. I’m living proof of this, as I got fatter and fatter despite going to the gym for an hour every day. It wasn’t until I changed my diet that I started getting results.

Jamie Oliver, one of the most famous campaigners for healthy eating in the UK, has lambasted the government plans saying that he is shocked and disappointed by Theresa May’s failure to curb fast food advertising aimed at children.

Doctors and dentists too have spoken out in indignation about the disappointing government plans which they say have been watered down far too much.

The only definite part of the childhood obesity strategy is a sugary-drink tax proposed to be introduced in 2018. This will impose additional taxes on all fizzy drinks from Indian Tonic Water to CocaCola, but even those plans are far from clear as no details have yet been published.

One third of children in the UK are currently overweight or obese. The cost to the National Health Service of obesity related disease was estimated to be £6.3 billion in 2015, plus over £15 million in costs to the UK economy. Obesity is the main cause of preventable death.

We cannot wait for government to fix the obesity crisis. We have to take action ourselves! That’s why I am a strong advocate for the Vi Family Challenge that rewards families who take action to get healthy, and saves them 5 to 100% off their groceries when they switch their unhealthy meals, snacks, and drinks to healthier alternatives.


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