Cheapest Meat UK – Great British Meat Review

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If you’re bodybuilding, or you just want to eat healthy and save money by doing home cooking – you’re probably going to look at some point for the cheapest meat available in the UK that is good quality, that is UK produced, and preferably shipped overnight in a refrigerated box to ensure freshness.

I’ve compared several of the leading UK meat delivery companies, including Muscle Food, Muscle Meat, Donald Russel, and Great British Meat.

I looked for the cheapest supplier among them, and then compared their prices with the top UK supermarkets using the My Supermarket comparison site.

I compared prices with ASDA, Morrisons, Tesco, and ALDI (the cheapest UK supermarkets) to ensure that the online meat prices were less expensive than the meat deals available in stores.

cheapest meat ukWhat I found was that the cheapest meat in the UK supplied online comes from a company called Great British Meat. This was across all types of meat including rump steak, chicken breasts, pork belly, sausages, and lamb steaks.

So, if you have a muscle building goal, and you’re in the UK, you can save money by ordering your meat online, rather than buying it from a local supermarket.

It is also a more convenient way to purchase your meat, as long as someone will be in to receive the delivery. You can select your delivery date (I selected next day) when you order.

The meat I ordered arrived as promised the next day, it was in a thick polystyrene container to keep out heat, and there was an ice pack on top of the container.

All of the meat was fresh (no bad odour whatsoever), good quality, and so I bagged it up into portions and froze what I wouldn’t be eating before the best before date – which was in seven days time for all of the items.

I was very pleased with the meat delivery, and would definitively order again from them in the future.


Order your meat online at Great British Meat.