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Please note that the file sizes are large so although they are hosted with Amazon S3 the download times may be long. Please only download one file at a time by right clicking and then saving the file to your computer. Video 5 is the shortest if you want to try that first to check that the downloads work.

Video 1 – Your 100% Complete LinkedIn Profile
Video 2 – Building Your Network of Connections
Video 3 – Profiting from LinkedIn Groups
Video 4 – Advanced Search Tactics
Video 5 – Dangers of Competitors Snooping
Video 6 – Job Seeking & Recruitment Tutorial
Video 7 – LinkedIn Recommendations on Steroids!
Video 8 – Promoting Your Company & Products
Video 9 – Establishing Yourself as an Industry Expert
Video 10 – Effective Events Promotion Tips
Video 11 – Achieving a High ROI from LinkedIn Ads

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