Are There Any Energy Drinks Without Taurine?

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energy drinks without taurineI previously did a blog post about energy drinks and bull sperm which you may want to check out because I know there are a lot of rumours circulating the internet that the taurine which is added to certain energy drinks comes from bull sperm.

Whilst those rumours may not be true, many people still want energy drinks WITHOUT taurine, and for good reason because it is believed that drinking excessive amounts of taurine in energy drinks can lead to the “crash” often experienced after consuming these drinks.

There is also concern that mixing drinks containing taurine with alcohol could have unpredictable results. So if you are using energy drinks for a mixer then it is prudent to use one that does not have added taurine – from bull sperm or created synthetically in a laboratory!

The good news is that there are energy drinks without taurine including the brand new NEON energy drink launching in the UK & Ireland on 17th January 2016, and already available in the United States & Canada.

NEON is taurine-free, and contains 24% fruit juice, antioxidants, B vitamins, purified sparkling water, 100mg caffeine from green tea extract, and is sweetened with pure fructose – not sugar like most cheap energy drinks.

For more information or to order online click here.


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