7 Ways To Make Money on Periscope

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Watch the previous scope I mention about setting everything up for optimum results: Part 1, Part 2.

Here are five proven ways to make money using the Periscope live video streaming app:

  1. Build a community, brand it, and sell merchandise such as t-shirts, books, music, etc.
  2. Give tips for free, then sell a more detailed course.
  3. Offer one on one coaching, or group coaching.
  4. Give your viewers an exclusive limited time discount (Grant Cordone does this).
  5. Build a large targeted audience and attract lucrative sponsorship deals.
  6. Provide a Patreon link, or PayPal donation button so viewers can tip you.
  7. “Unboxing scopes” where you review a product and provide viewers with an affiliate link to purchase through, for example using the Amazon Associates Program and you earn a small commission.

If you would like to learn more about making money on Periscope I would like to invite you to join our free Scope Hacking group on Facebook.


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