My 100th LIVE Periscope Broadcast!

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Mindset Tips

What’s holding you back from getting the results you want? FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real…

How can we overcome our fears? Let’s start by looking at our BELIEFS.

What is it that you believe in? God? Yourself? Helping others? Your company? Periscope?

Stepping outside comfort zone – where the big changes happen.

When problems arise. Continue¬†on past adversity. Success is protected by perceived “problems”.

Keep focusing on the positive. What are your strengths?

Your attitude determines your altitude. Smile. People will like you more!

We don’t attract what we want, we attract who we are. So be yourself!

Leaders are readers. Books “It’s Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, ebooks, audio books, blog posts, scopes. Keep learning and improving.

Plan for growth. Heart targets, follower targets. Write your goals down with a date.

Sacrifice. What can you give up in order to achieve your goals more effectively?

Find your own pace. How many scopes a day can you do?

Be consistent. Keep your foot on the peddle. Continue to set yourself new goals as you achieve existing ones.

Dream BIG – have a BIG reason why. A reason why to make you cry.

Go the extra mile. Stand out from the crowd. Tweet participants after the scope, answer any missed questions. Follow people back who give lots of hearts.

Think of your followers as friends and colleagues – not just followers. You’ll build some amazing relationships up by chatting with them on your scopes, and by participating on their scopes too.


  • Screen rotation – when to use landscape/portrait modes.
  • Web profiles – how to find yours.
  • Clickable links in profile – both on web profile and in the app, including email address.
  • Embed button – turns red when you’re online, great to add to your blog/website. More followers, more views.
  • recording comments now, and heart count.
  • Thumbnails automatically update throughout the broadcast – but first image still important.

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